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  1. 2nd Tutorial Contest $2100 in prizes
  2. Kurt Horvath ( Kguns ) Tutorial #2
  3. Pauls Gold Inlay submission
  4. Katherine's Scrimshaw Tutorial: experimenting with mammoth ivory
  5. An experiment in Lettering and Printing
  6. Katherine's Tutorial #3: color scrimshaw peacock pendant
  7. Pauls Tutorial:Making a Punch
  8. A Beginners Progress Plans, Tutors Tips, and Informational link
  9. Brian H. contest submission Engraved Nude folder
  10. How to Hand-engrave a ID bracelet in Leaf script
  11. An experiment in Lettering and Printing Part 2
  12. The Winners of the Tutorials are...
  13. Most Outstanding Submission
  14. Most Informative Tutorial
  15. Most Improved Contestant
  16. Concrete engraving