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Default Re: My first real practice plate.

Originally Posted by airamp View Post

How did you remove the back round and what did you use for making it black?
I sharpened a blank to roughly give it the same geometry and angles as the Carl Bleile's background removal tool. I had to do it by hand because I dont have the template yet.

( 3) background removal tool with special side grinds to get around main area without nicking (blue template). )

It worked really well. I then textured it by grinding a round stock of HSS that fits in the Classic to a point (35 degree included angle). I then set the stroke to about half of the total available length then gave it a lot of air and just grazed the surface to give it a matte finish.

I used a sharpe for the blacking. It let me see what it looks like with blacking but I would not recomend it because it comes off too easy and as you can see it does not have consistant coverage. I have since purchased some printers ink and I will re-ink it to see if it works better.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments and compliments!
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