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Default Re: Engraving coining dies

I have a Gorton GK-21 that I have used to engrave several small coining dies. I used O-1 for the small dies which are between 1/2 and 3/4 inch wide. For one, I made an epoxy cast of a Rapier Register Club badge from my LaGonda Rapier. I used a suitable pantograph ratio to have a tie tack sized finished product. I do not have a press, so I clamped the die against soft pure silver in my milling machine vise to get a good impression. I hand finished the pressings down to the outline of the impression. I did not make very many examples because of all the hand work involved. I can not post a photograph because we have recently moved and have not sorted out everything. I would very much like to have some sort of coining press, but the limitations imposed by advancing age may not permit such an acquisition. For the curious, the LaGonda Rapier was an attempt by LaGonda to offer a superior small car. They failed shortly after the Rapier's introduction, so very few were built.

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