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07-23-2008, 09:52 AM
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Hi All,
I got this locket in to add some diamonds and do some engraving to make locket more interesting and
and add some value.


This is the back of the locket but there wasn't much defence between it and the front as far as decoration
goes. The only problem is that it's a stamping. So, the thickness of the oval is one tenth of a millimetre.
Stamping are very strong but 1/10 just isn't enough to either engrave on, let alone trying to set any

So, out came the original oval of 1/10 and solder in it's place was a plate of 6/10 mm thick oval plate.
This is just enough to set in. It also keep the weight down. The original plate was on a 1/2 gram of
9ct yellow gold. The replacement plate was 1.5 grams of 10k yellow gold.


This is the final version after 24k yellow gold plating. 9 & 10k are very pale golds and the 24k adds a lot
of character to the pendant. As the 24k is worn away through use, this will leave the recessed areas a
darker richer yellow with the high point being the 9k lighter color.

The engraving is a compass motif with the diamonds at the major points of the compass.
The star in the middle has a .015ct diamond bead set. While the points on the compass are .0075ct
Diamonds. This gives the layout balance. The engraving is power assist engraving using a 120
carbide engraver mostly and a flat engraver. Then two rows of #7 mill-grain wheel pattern.

This was a very pleasant job to do.

Talk to ya later,