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08-27-2008, 06:00 PM
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Hi All,
This week I got a order in for a Celtic Knot ring. The customer had draw up his own design and wanted to
go through the steps of having it worked up into a wedding set for himself and his future bride.

This is the drawing he gave me and the work up using Corel draw to smooth out his rough drawing.


I will do mock ups of a ring at times so that a customer can see what the finished product will look like.
These are usually done in copper because it's quick and clean to engrave. It also comes closest to the
feel of the metal it will be in. I normally engrave these items in the flat and then turn them up so the custom
get a real idea of what they're going to get.


These ring will be constructed out of sheet gold 10k and 18k because they are more consistent in metal
quality than a cast item. In this picture of the 18k ring, it was also engraved flat and then turn up.
Texturing for me is one of the final steps and come after construction because it draws solder like a sponge.
Doing the basic engraving before construction solve a lot of problems in that you don't have to try to engrave next to a wall...


Once everything is put together then I will use my Emax and carbide .03mm ball bur to do the texturing.
Using a Microscope helps to make this a neat job. Then, all that is left to do is to set the diamonds and
engrave the Runes that customer indicated he like.


Making mock ups can help sell a ring. I use ordinary copper tubing 1/4'' that I roll out to make 8mm shanks.
It's still relatively cheep. I don't have to saw out blanks or finish the side. So it makes a good example ring.

So that's how I do it.:window:
Talk to ya later,