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WOW puffer , nice post , very different then what we see today .
currently im working on a rifle for a customer who wants the decorations to be of Celtic designs .
As such I began by studying the BOOK of KELLS and the Book of Celtic art
Suddenly what I found myself in was a completely different layout of scrolls .lettering , Knott work and such .
Understandably 1000 X more intricate then anything we have posted or I think seen and also a style I don’t think we ? At least I have seen used much on firearms .
This leads me to an even greater belief in completely different separations of styles between different countries

Ill see if I can find a better photo of a early Tara brooch
But in the main time this will have to do .
This form when seen , doesn’t appear to have changed all the much . Is that because of the culture I wonder or is it becouse of a modern resergance into the Celtic arts ?

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