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Default Wolves of Manchester part 2

When we arrived the girls were putting away the picnic blanket and packing the rest of the lunch. Sylvia was hugging the album to her breasts.
Even though we were still in the canoe she could not restrain her enthusiasm as she called out; my Name sister is beautiful, mom told me that she disappeared and that we really do look like we are sisters. I will pray every night that you will find her Mr. Pinkerton. And I have made a package of Smile cookies for you. I hope that they help you to smile again.
Scott took the album and the cookies, thanked Sylvia and forced his face into a smile and kissed her on the forehead.
These are the best cookies I have ever eaten; they are so good that I think you need to sell them. I am sure they will be a great success. Then he shook my hand and said to Beverly.
Sylvia dose really look like her name sister, watch her carefully, she is precious. You can bring her to swim any time you wish.
Now I have to pack for my flight to Biloxi Mississippi. The winters are cold and I am alone here, so I spend them there. Here is my business card.
Call me anytime you want to bring your family out here to fish or swim, and I hope you learn something about the Wolves. Then he turned around and walked up the path and entered his home on Little Lake Sunapee.
What did Scott mean when he mentioned Wolves? Beverly asked as we started home.
I said, I don’t think this is the right time to talk about it Bev, it is not important. Once we are home remind me and I will tell you. Then I drove in silence, while Sylvia and her mom excitedly talked about how she was going into the Smile cookie business as soon as we got home.
“I know exactly where I can sell them Mom. I am sure that when I take them to Rosebuds and Misses Gustavo tastes one, she will buy bunches of them.”
I had once done a story about Rosebuds Restaurant.
The name Rosebuds came from the founders Bud and Rosalie Gustavo. They started a restaurant, ice-cream and sweet shop four years after their marriage. Rosalie ran it while Bud worked for the State of New Hampshire Highways road crews.
Rosebuds are located within walking distance from the elementary, junior high and high schools. It was a well chosen location and soon became the most popular place for school kids to hang out. As the years went by they added booths, a jukebox and a selection of burgers and hot dogs.
Bud was 24 and Rosalie17 when they first met at the Polish Club dance and were instantly attracted to one another. She was a hard working, short, stout and rather plain looking, whose family operated a livestock farm near the town of Derry. Bud considered her to be just the kind of woman he could easily control.
As for Rosalie, Bud was the ideal man she wanted to marry. He stood only 5 ft. 4 but he was built like a bull with a powerful and muscular peasant’s body, and he had a good job working for the State of New Hampshire.
After the dance was over, she willingly allowed him to have sex in the front seat of Bud’s truck. Three weeks later they were married, and nine months later on December seventh, Rosalie gave birth to twin identical boys that Bud named Karl and Kevin.
By the time Bud and Rosalie opened Rosebuds the twins had developed an uncanny resemblance to their father, a fact that made Bud very proud...He would take them to work leaving Rosalie to mind the Ice cream shop.
Bud and his two sons traveled the highway of southern New Hampshire and when they were getting ready for their first day of school. He told them about his first day of school, and how his classmates had called him the dwarf, because he was the smallest one. “They would push me, trip me, and laugh when they knocked me down. They even got me in the toilet, held me against the wall, and took turns pissing on me. Laughing and saying that they were fertilizing the dwarf, so I would grow. Now I am never let that happen to you. I am going to teach you how to fight to win. You and your brother are going to stick together defend each other with fists, feet, and even teeth. No one will dare to call you names or piss on you.”
True to his word Bud would take his sons into the woods where no one could see or hear, and have them fight each other until one or the other, was on the ground with a bloody nose begging his brother to stop.
Then he would pull them apart and make them hug and kiss each other, saying as he did so.
“No one will ever be able to hurt either of you when you stick together, because you two will be the wolves they will fear.” And their father was right; it did not take long before the bullies in school to learn to avoid the Gustavo twins.
Once the brothers discovered the power of fear they held over their classmates, they began to use it. They would follow the girls, whistling and laughing behind them and make them run for safety, they would find a bigger student alone and attack. And they did this in elementary and junior high, all of this with Bud’s encouragement and approval. When the twins celebrated their fifteenth birthday Bud bought each of them a single shot 22caliber rifle and took them to the Chester Rod and Gun Club where he taught them to load, aim, and fire their presents, as he told them hunting stories of his youth.
By the time they were sixteen they had become expert marksmen.
It was in the first year of high school that their aggressive behavior caused the science teacher to notice their bulling of the other students. She made a complaint with the principal. And she requested that their parents meet with the school principal. The principal agreed and notified Bud and Rosalie with a letter.
When Rosalie showed Bud the letter he became furious, grabbed from her hand and told he would take care of the matter. And it was none of her concern.
He called his sons to the living room and showed them the letter. “We are going to have to go to the school and straighten this matter out.
Now, I know that you boys are just playing around and are only having fun. But this idiot can’t seem to understand, boys will be boys. We are family and we stick together no matter what.
I will take you to see this principal and tell her that we have had a serious talk. Then you are going to say that you were only playing and you are sorry. I will tell her that you are good boys and you have promised me not to tease the other kids again. Then you two will apologize, and again say how sorry you are.
She will probably punish you by expelling you for a day...If she does we will come home and go on a hunting trip and if she doesn’t we will take the weekend off and go hunting anyway. Now I want you two to be quiet and polite with the principal. Do you understand”? The twins answered in unison.
Yes we do, and thank you for sticking up for us Dad.
“ Okay boys, let go get this matter settled, and remember we are family and we always stick up for each other.”
Miss Lewis had been teaching elementary school for forty years, and had listened to every excuse that parents and adolescents could ever think of. Still she was impressed by the forthright candor when the twin’s father spoke and the sincerity of the two boys. But she had the complaint from the science teacher to consider. She thought the matter over and said. “ Mr. Gustavo, I think that you and the boys are sincere, and I do understand how exuberant boys are at this age. Even so there needs to be discipline and bullying cannot tolerate. I will have to write this meeting into the school report and the boys will be suspended for two days, and you boys must remember that your actions have consequences.”
Bud Gustavo nodded his head in agreement, and told the boys to once again apologize.
When the three of them were sitting in his truck Bud laughed, smiled, and then said. Let’s go on a hunting trip boy´s.
During his travels around the state working on the roads, Bud had found one isolated area that had large woods with many oak nut trees. He had noticed that this place also had a large population of grey and red squirrels, and knew this was the perfect place for his boys to camp out and shoot a few small game animals.
When the three of them got home Rosalie was nervously waiting.
As soon as they walked into Rosebuds, she said. “Well Bud, what has happened to my boys, are they in trouble?”
Rosy, I told you that I would handle this, and I did, and the matter is settled. After the principal heard the boy’s side of this, and they promised not to tease the girls again, she gave them two days suspension. And that is the end of this stupid complaint. “Now I am going to take our boys on a hunting trip
Boys, go get your rifles out of the gun cabinet, bring two boxes of cartridges, the hunting knife and put them in the State Highways truck. Rosy, you can fix us a something to eat and a thermos of coffee, and hurry it up; it will be dark in another hour.
We are going camping at Massabesic Lake for the night. Then tomorrow I am going to teach them how to hunt squirrels. We will be home tomorrow before dark, and stay out of the ice cream, you are getting too fat.”
The lake was only a twenty minute ride from Rosebuds. As soon as they got there, Bud turned off the highway and on to the graveled forest service road. He drove slowly looking for the place he knew there were oak and walnut trees and many squirrels for his boys to hunt. He drove past the Authorized Personal Only Sign, knowing that no one would question the presence of the State Of New Hampshire Highway truck.
He drove along the old stone wall and turned off the road to park a hundred yards into the woods, shut down the engine and climbed out of the cab.
He took a chainsaw from a tool box from the trucks bed, and began to cut down a dozen sapling trees. As the twins watched he said . “Working for the state has advantages .You can ignore stupid laws and do as you damn well please. Now you boys get that tarp out from the tool box. When I trim off the branches you put them on the ground over there. Then spread the tarp over them, find some dry wood for a fire and we will have us a nice cozy camp for tonight.”
By the time they were finished, the sun had set and darkness closed in around them. As they sat around the camp fire, and ate the food Rosalie had fixed for them. Bud told them a story about hunting deer with his father and, cousin Johnny.

“My Dad had always hunted deer.
Every season he would go to an abandoned and overgrown apple orchard, a place he knew the white tail deer came to feed on the fruit that lay on the ground.
The orchard was small; behind it was a long thick triangular wood, with an old logging road on one side and a stone wall on the other. When I was your age I didn’t have a gun and neither did my cousin but we were excited to be going on our first hunting trip.
Early in the morning while it was still dark, my old man took me, and Johnny to the start of the logging road .He told us that as soon as there was enough daylight to see where we were going, we were to follow the logging road and shout, break branches and howl like wolves and coyotes. Then he left us and drove back to the orchard and found a hiding place where he could watch for a deer.
Boys, I cannot tell you how exciting it was for me to go running and howling through those woods, and when Jonny and I saw a deer that was trying to escape us, I started to shake from the excitement.
I wanted to see my old man kill that deer. Jonny told me to keep howling, as we were soon going to see a lot of dead deer. We howled, and screamed like fiends from hell, as we drove the deer towards my old man.
Then I heard the first crack of his rifle, and then there was another. Suddenly four deer came running past us. They came so close that I am sure if I had had a gun I could have killed one...Even today after all those years, I can see them running past me in panic and I regret I did not have a gun to kill one.
When Jonny and I got to the orchard, my old man was cutting the throat of the two deer he had shot. There was a lot of blood still pumping from their bodies onto the ground.
Johnny and I were in high spirits to know we had driven them to my old man. We even put blood on our faces as we danced over the dead deer: I tell you boys it was a great adventure for me... I do not want you boys to ever miss out on that experience, and is why I bought you each a rifle and taught you how to use it. And tomorrow you will get to kill a bunch of squirrels.”
That night, long after Bud had fallen asleep, Karl and Kevin lay under the tarp looking at the stars and whispering to each other about how they were going to scare the girls at school by howling like wolves as they followed behind them.
They decided to call themselves, Brothers of the Wolf.
To be continued
"What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within this little span of life by him who interests his heart in everything"-Lawrence Sterne
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