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I guess this early engraving was done when time didn't matter, much like all the hand laid stone walls in Pa. Stone by stone, line by line. This is a luxury of time to do this type of work.
Lynn, You bring up an interesting point, but I would like to add a "qualifier to the concept of "luxury of time"
I am a "senior citizen":smile5: & one of the things I have observed, much to my concern is a rapid decline of craftsmanship in the trades, especially the home building trade.
Until recently, I owned a home that was built in the mid 1950s.It was not a "custom" built home but one that was built in a small development, for the average middle class consumer.One example of the difference in craftsmanship, is the fit of the molding. In this house, the "inexpensive" mahogany base molding was "coped" for a very tight & precise fit. But today, you will only find this in higher end homes & then you pay for it.

How does this apply to our discussion ?? I feel that it does so in 3 ways
1. $$$$ It takes more time to "cope" a joint, than it does to do a 45 degree cut. Time = $$
2. The diminishing pool of trained personal. Historically, individuals learned their "trade" by being apprentices.( to an individual, guild etc.) In the pre 1800s (or later), an apprentice would start learning the trade as a pre teen.In more modern times, the age became "older" & the "apprenticeship" became a part of Unions. In the last few years we have seen a decline in the union involvement in many of the trades. We have also seen a decline in individuals willing to "apprentice" themselves to individuals to learn a craft.
3. Our American society has become one of "INSTANT GRATIFICATION" We want it NOW!!!!
How many of you, who do custom engraving & have agreed to the $$, but became agitated or even backed out when they were told that it would not be finished for several months or even a year [COLOR="Red"]????[/COLOR

So the ? of "the luxury of time" IE both on the avail. of craftsmen(& women) willing to learn the craft & the client willing to pay & wait.

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