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Originally Posted by jbullard1
It appears, to me, that there is a distinct diffrence between the scottish engraving that Puffer posted and the english engraving that Charles posted . Are there any examples of the scottish engraving being done in americia ?
I am attempting to put together a an overview of the engraving on the Highland Scots firearms & the "uniqueness of the designs.
For NOW let me say this
1. The Highland designs are distinctively different than the British. This is VERY important in view of the fact that the majority of Scots were NOT Highlanders but were primaily Englih.
They did not speak Gaelic. wear kilts etc. And their arms & the decorations on them,were inline wth the British. Plus ALMOST ALL manufacturing was done in the Lowlands.

2. At this time, I have not seen ANY Highland designs made in America. NOTE There are many examples of rhe firearms themselves being here. In fact, one of the earliest surviving examples os a Highland snaphance lock was found in Jamestown,VA (dated ca 1607 )

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