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Originally Posted by rod

Thank you for a very interesting overview!

What are your thoughts on the distinctive design of the Highland pistol with its unprotected trigger? Were these made only in Doone and Inverness?


Rod, There are several theories on this. Some feel that it was addopted so that it could be fired from the "targe" hand, while holding the "targe". Others feel that wae because it was "quicker" to fire, when "snatched from the belt, bardic, or shoulder strap. Maybe both & then some. No, Although Doune & the surronding area is best known for this style pistol, Edenbourgh, Glascow & even Birmingham England ( later on) Yet the "unprotected" trigger remained ( even on the "cheap Gov. issue (1766-1788 Note this is the only one that had NO Engraving )

This "style of pistol occupies a unique position in the history of pistols for many reasons,( including the "art" of engraving.) I will touch on some of these, when I do my post.
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