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Default Re: Bulino Templates

I watched many Italian engravers work in Brescia. And in the words of Dario there are as many ways to sharpen a graver as there are engravers. Perhaps it is because God did not make all of our hands the same shape.

While using an Italian graver there is always a chance of losing control and gouging into the metal. It is a little like riding a bike.

Steve if you recall the graver I sent you that Dario ground out for me the bottom of the v was mostly removed leaving only a small part of the v at the cutting end as I recall perhaps a 1/16 inch at the most. This is what is used to creat clearence.

As far as making dots, dashes, and lines; a line is only about .0005 of an inch in width. A dash is a short line and a dot is a line as wide as it is long.

I will try to get photos the next time I am in Italy for you guys.

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