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Default Re: Inexpensive way to give it a try

First let me say thank you for all the information that you've put out and for how helpful you've been to all of us new to this art.
I've gotten the template and have a sharpened graver and handle. I've been practicing straight lines and I've been struck with a point of curiosity. I have watched the videos and I was wondering what magnification they are shot at? I think I've having a crisis of scale in that I'm trying to cut lines that are as deep and wide as they appear on my screen, but I'm not achieving much success with anything wider than .5mm (if even that wide). So I'm wondering if I'm simply trying to go too deep/wide for a hand pushed graver.

What would be a reasonable expepectation of depth/width of cut for the universal 116 point being hand pushed?

Thank you again.