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Default Re: Video: Sharpening with flat template

Originally Posted by Steve Lindsay
Vilts, The video is wonderful. Thanks so much for taking the time to make it. This will help a lot of people. I'll add links to the videos in several places on the sites.
You're most welcome, Steve! This is actually pretty good practice for video making. So it's a win-win .

Daniel, this isn't the photo camera anymore. It's my video cam Canon HV20 (newer model is HV30). Supposedly with best price-performance camera out there. It can do HD and it has even manual controls for light, sound etc. which is pretty unusual for consumer camera.

SVD, that's too bad indeed. Thos closest ones I know are in UK (Coggans and Hunts) and of course our Austrian and Belgian gurus. Not too close to me...

Hmm, what a fun project it would be to visit the many engraving masters out there for a day-or-two and make a video of it. Interviews, samples, technique etc. From the top of my head I came up with 24 people whose work I've seen and admire and would be just great in that series. Hmm, did I just make my plans for next 5 year vacations?
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