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Very good post Roger .
could you provide links to where we could see these works ?
i would have to agree with gobbler . while there are some that still may do this work , frankly there seems to be few .
the heavy floral and leaf scrolls seem to be more commonly replaced by the line type scrolls .
don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad thing I, its just different and as you say still takes a high level of skill .
One thing that was touched on that I think we have kinda passed over is the tools available in the early periods .
Now please correct me if im wrong here but I wouldn’t think the engravers back then had cobalt or other steals that we have today to make gravers . Probably the best steel would have been of high carbon but still not to the level of carbon tool steels we have today .
But then we also would have to consider that the materials they were working on were most times iron .
Would also maybe the tools have changed concerning today’s graver points ? Or are the points today very reminiscing of the tools available then ?
I also wonder if as the metals changed that items were made from , if the available tools kept up with these changes .
Could there have been a situation where simply put the available tools simply were no longer adequate for doing this type of work ?

TG , no worries here , we are all learning , i know i am anyway .
Im also going to start another thread and that will be along these lines maybe we can get some more intest in a slightly diffrent topic but still along this same area
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