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Originally Posted by Roger Bleile
Returning to the original premise of this thread, I must recommend THE ART OF GUN ENGRAVING by Claude Gaier and Pietro Sabatti, Knickerbocker Press, 1999, ISBN: 1-57715-087-2. This book, for those who have or can get it, will answer most of the questions posed here on the styles and evolution of gun decoration from the matchlock to the present. I was tempted to post quotes from this wonderful book as this thread progressed but decided that I would end up trying to quote 70% of the book. For those truely interested in the history and evolution of arms decoration I can not recommend this book too highly. Also included are detailed pictures of work by some of the best contemporary artists including Alain Lovenberg and Phil Coggen.

roger is correct , its a very good book and i also have it as part of my research into the weapons and their development .the original premise of this thread was to discuss and show the changes in the different styles of engraving on everything from weapons to household items , how it change , why it changed , as well as the differences we see in compressions of today’s works .
I think this also facilitates a better understanding of our past and the social changes that occurred and how those changes related to the art itself . By doing such I think we also see how much this style of art changed from region to region
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