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Default Re: Perazzi in progress

Hi Barry, nice work! How many hours do you have in this gun? the coloured golds look great.

Don't forget to engrave the outside work leaf that's missing on the right hand scroll. I sent the Clapton guns back to Evans only to realise when looking at the photos later that day I'd missed a leaf out and left a gap! No one realised or said anything to me, luckily I sorted it before it went to the hardeners.....that would've been a disaster!

I saw dad yesterday and he was showing me one of the multi coloured gold actions he'd done. It was back with him because something always seems to need fixing after it's been hardened. It was interesting how the colour case hardening process affected the gold alloys. The copper had gone a dark brown and the white gold was positively grey compared to the silver. He told me he often asks to see the actions after hardening so he can polish certain areas carefully to restore the colours. Interesting eh? I don't know how cyanide hardening/coin finishing would affect the various precious metal alloys. that would make an interesting experiment.

all the best buddy,
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