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Default Re: Perazzi in progress

Hi Marcus, Thank you for your insightful comments. I am glad the Clapton guns came out well, congratulations. That is quite a coup.
As to the Perazzi, I have only a vague idea of how many hours are in it. The long part was deciding where to put what colours, how to mix them up and how to relate it to the scroll etc. Once I had the gold brought down flush I felt I was almost done, hehe.
After the rest of the action is done I will cut a line around the figure and etch a sporting clays station behind Dan to give him some depth. and after that I will scratch at him a little more adding more dots and grey scale.
yes, the effect of the hardening process on gold is a concern. This gun being a restock, does not need to be processed for hardness, so I will lacquer it to protect it and bake it on. The copper is brown and in this case that is the proper colour for the cap and shooting pads, and gunstock.
After reading your comment about the work leaf I pulled the action out to look for leaves that were unfinished and it looks like I shaded it after I took the pic, I certainly hope so, hehe.
May I ask a question? What is the meaning of the term " work leaf"?
Give me regards to your Dad and bride(and Mum).
Your brother in steel, Montana chapter
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