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Default Re: Perazzi in progress

Thanks for showing the progress.
I have some question. I notice all your gold letters or gold lines both have an outline and this outline add dimensions to the gold lines and gold letters.
For the letters, it is hold in place by the raised teeth, but for the outline, did you raise teeth at the middle of the line as well?
Steve's turtorial telling that there is a undercut at both edge of the gold line so as to hold it, but if you cut the outline at both edge, the undercut will be cut away, how the gold line still can be held in position?
How can we classifly this kind of gold line or letter, inlay or overlay?

How you draw the scroll main line on the gun? I see some are very clean line but some are rather rough, why this happened? do you use a template/circle guide?

Do you cut the leave "free-hand" without any drawing or design before?

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