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Default Engraved Seiko SKX Watch Case Back

Commissioned Seiko SKX case back. Before anyone gets uptight (even though this is an original design I came up itís obviously inspired by Tom Sterlings work) I did contact Tom directly and talk to him about this design before I proceeded. Tom graciously told me he had no problems with it and to go for it. Mad respect to you guys engraving/carving/cutting the harder metals. I had only done this kind of work on softer materials before. Talk about an eye opener. The customers budget was very low and I came out WAY on the losing end for profit but way ahead on learning so Iím calling this project a wash. Overall I give the final work a C- but for the time I did it in (about 25 hours) and the unexpected hardness of the metal Iíll take it.

ÖÖBecause the quality of the work is so low I hesitated to even show this here. I hate taking jobs that I know I canít, for one reason or another, put maximum effort into but felt there might be a lesson somewhere in here for anyone new or starting out.
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