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Default Hello everyone

Salutations from Los Angeles. My name is Andrew, long time listener first time caller. Iíve been fascinated with engraving for over a year now and now I am finally giving it a shot. At last I have invested in a classic airgraver and a Goliath vise. I am still learning about sharpening gravers and a bit nervous about diving in. Iím extremely green when it comes to proper hand engraving and the work that you all produce is still magic to me. Ive always had to be resourceful in new creative endeavors and unfortunately I happen to execute new art forms as the ďcrude and effective Ē type. It may have worked for me in the past but it doesnít apply very well at all in this craft. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and learn from everyone. I may not post much, but you can bet that Iíll be lurking here all the time. And I appreciate it. Cheers.
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