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Default The Wolves of Manchester

Scott handed the barrette to my daughter and said. “ I am sure that your Name Sister wants you to have this. Now I feel much better.”
The day was turning out to be perfect for a lunch out outdoors, as I lit the charcoal in the grill.
Beverly and Pamela were in the kitchen fixing the potato salad, preparing the hotdogs and the hamburger patties, lemonade and put the candles on the cake. When Beverly asked how she and Scott met.
She put the last candle on the cake and then said.
“I was leaving the Biloxi General Hospital where I work as one of the dietitians
I started to make my way past the crowd to the bus stop when i was violently pushed from behind, I lost my balance, and then my purse was torn from my grip
I was confused at first, and then I realized that the man running away had stolen it. I senselessly yelled at him to stop, but I knew he was going to get away.
Scott was sitting outside a café when he saw this happen. He waited until the thief was almost in front of him then he tipped over his table, the thief stumbled over it and fell headfirst to the sidewalk, He calmly walked over and picked up my purse, and the purse snatcher ran off.
He was waiting for me when I arrived. He handed it to me and before I could say thank you, he said. You are welcome. And you owe me a cup of coffee.”
Well, that was the beginning. He invited me to share coffee. While we sat and I regained my breath, we introduced each other.
When I looked at him I could see the sadness in his eyes, and I wanted to know more about him.
So I invited him to have dinner at the cafe as a reward for rescuing my purse. He accepted and we have been seeing each other since that day.
It was when he told me that he lived in New Hampshire, and he needed to return to close his house and put it on the real estate market next year .I knew that I wanted to be with him. I told him that I was born in Biloxi, graduated from Mississippi University., and had never in my life seen real snow. He asked me to take time off and come up here and spend some time with him.
He is a very caring and painfully honest man, and has had more than his share of sorrow. To tell you the truth Beverly I am in love with him. I wish there was something I could do to help him find peace. But I don’t think that is possible until he finds a way to put his daughter to rest. And I think that will take a miracle...

Chris Callahan was outside washing the mud off the Jeep when his cell phone rang. As soon as he answered his cousin said.
“Do not, I repeat do not allow the twins to know you are observing them, There is more to this than just poaching deer. I will see you after church tomorrow, and explain everything then. Have a nice day.” And then he disconnected. Leaving his cousin wondering what in the hell was going on.

Scott said. “Sylvia, let me put on some bathing trunks, and then we should go swimming while your mom and Pamela fix our lunch. I will teach you how to do the Cannon Ball, Jackknife, and a Swan dive. I will meet you on the dock in two minutes.”
I was next to the grill toasting buns and roasting hot dogs and hamburgers while I photographed my daughter cannon ball Scott. She hit the water sending a shower of water into the air and over Scott. When she surfaced, Scott ran the length of the dock and launch into the air, and then hit the water with a perfect swan dive over her.
At that moment, I could think of nothing more beautiful than watching the two of them playing, and hoped my photos were able to record them laughing and splashing each other. Behind me the two women were also laughing.
Then I heard Beverly say.” Don’t give up. There is still hope Pamela, miracles do happen.”
Having no idea what they were talking about. I said, "The only miracle I want to see is the table set and food on my plate, I am starving.”
It was after we brought out the birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday that Scott told us that he was thinking of selling his home.
“When I built this place it was my intention to give it to my daughter as a wedding gift. Now I know that will never happen. I see no reason to keep it. Pamela wants to see snow, and I want to take her skiing and ice skating, and then after she knows what winters in New Hampshire are like I will decide.”
He took Pamelaīs hand and said to me. “Bill, if you want you can take all the photos of this place you care to and I give you permission to do an article on it for The Manchester Leader, but don’t mention where it is located, just in case I find a good reason not to put it on the market.”
Sylvia took this news badly. She blurted out, “You cannot sell this house. If you do my Name Sister won’t have a place to visit. She loves this home, I love this house too. And so do you Mr. Scott. I can tell by the way you take care of the flowers and fill the bird feeder, I can tell by the way you played with me on the dock. The only reason you want to go away from here is you miss her. I am positive that she will be found. I know this, because i pray every day that it will happen, and when she is found you will be happy again. “
Pamela could not hide her emotion when she said.” Well Scott, if those are not a good enough reasons. I will give you one more. I love you, and I want to be with you always, and I love this home also.”
Scott got up from the table, went to Pamela put his arms around her waist, and said, I love you, and then he kissed her with passion.
He looked at Sylvia and said.” Those are very wise and good reasons. Thank you. And now I think we all need to have one of you delicious Smile Cookies to celebrate you thirteenth birthday .”As we were leaving, Scott invited us to come to the lake At the end of the month..
He said.” If you take me upon the offer, Sylvia can take her last swim for the year, while we cut, spilt, and stack fire wood. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting an early winter and I want Pamela to have the experience of preparing for the snow and cold here. Just in case she changes her mind and wants to go back to Biloxi.”
Then I heard Pamela say.” I know how to split wood."Not wanting to miss out on Scottīs offer, I took my camera and went out the door...

Sunday after church services the two Callahan men went into the den, closed the door behind them to discuss the Gustavo twins, and the unusual conversation with Scott Pinkerton.
“Chris, I don’t have much faith in dead spirits, but I do believe in too many circumstances pointing in the same direction. That is why I am sure that the Gustavo twins are responsible for the disappearance of Pinkertonīs daughter. If you catch them poaching, most likely the charges will only result in a fine and loss of their hunting licenses...If I question them about the Barrette they will lie, and nothing will come of it. Then I am sure they will be put on alert and we will never be able to prove a damned thing. What I intend to do is have their movements watched as soon as their father has recovered .They are not the brightest individuals, eventually they will make a mistake that will give us the right opportunity to question them. Then we can to put enough pressure on them to cause them to panic. That is when they will make mistakes and give us the leverage we need to separate and question them. Individually they will fall apart. Then I am sure that what circumstantial proof we have is enough to convince my chief to at least give me a man to follow their movements. Do you agree Chris?”
“I agree with you, but there is no need for a tail at this time. Their father is not well after his heart attack and they are sticking close to him and their mother’s side. They are not going anywhere until he has recovered, and I don’t think that will be until late fall. So for now we wait, have a nice poker game and an excellent supper with our family.”
The matter settled they opened the door and got out the cards and pennies. While Chris was raking in a pile of pennies he had won playing deuces wild, when he was struck with an Idea.
“Clarence!!! We know that the twins will lie and most probably the father will back them up. But their mother believes her sons walk on water. We need find a way to talk to her alone, she we will know the day they gave the barrette to her. If we can tie them to the time Pinkertonīs daughter disappearance we will have enough proof to get a warrant.”
While Chris was stacking his winnings, Clarence picked up the phone and called me. When he asked if my daughter was still seeing Rosalie Gustavo, I told him that she saw her twice a month to deliver cookies to Rosebuds.
He said, “Do a favor Bill. When she sees Misses Gustavo again, have her ask about the barrette and if she can remember what day it was when her son gave it to her.”
I told him that I would, but I wanted to know why, and is my daughter in danger?
“It is just a hunch Bill, just a hunch. You can be sure there is no danger for your daughter. When will she deliver her cookies? “
“I don’t know Clarence, but she is in the kitchen with her mother baking. Give me a minute and I will find out for you.”
As I am not allowed to enter when they are baking, I went to the kitchen door and asked.
Sylvia said. “Daddy, we always deliver my cookies on Tuesday and tomorrow it Tuesday. Now please do not interfere, your two master bakers, we are making money.”
I could not resist the chance to say. “I hope that you two will be able to reimburse me the money I am owed for the ingredients and electricity that I pay for.” Then I ducked before they could throw something at me.
When I returned to tell Clarence, he was laughing. He said I overheard the entire conversation.” Bill, I will call you at your office on Tuesday, tomorrow is Tuesday isn’t it?” Then he disconnected.
Tuesday morning, Beverly and my daughter arrived at Rosebuds to deliver her cookies, where they found the twins minding the shop. When Karl took the box of cookies from Sylvia, He explained that she would not need to deliver more cookies until October after school started again. “My father has been released by his doctor, and mom has gone to bring him home. Then we are closing Rosebuds until their father had time to completely recover.”
Sylvia gave him the bill for her cookies and even though she was disappointed she said. “I understand, and your daddy is so lucky to have you to take care of him. When he comes home please tell him that I will pray he gets well soon.”
As Karl handed her the check he said. “Thank you, and that is a beautiful barrette my mom gave you, be careful you don’t lose it.”
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