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Default TheWolves Taste of Human Flesh and Blood

Having no parental restraints the twins decided that evening to take, a fifth of vodka from the restaurant, their parents Buick Riviera and the hunting knife, and then go to Boston to watch the porno movies and see the burlesque shows in Scully Square.
Eliza Gomez Sanchez was an illegal immigrant new to Boston.
She had come all the way from Honduras´, through Mexico and up to the border city of Piedras Negras. She was going to join her brother Ernesto and her sister Modesty. They had promised her work with them at the Holliday Inn and sent her enough money to make the trip.
Then in Piedras Negras she was robbed of all her money and identification. In desperation she started trading sex for food and rides from the truckers to come to this Sanctuary City of Boston.
The day she arrived she found that her two siblings had been arrested by Immigration and Custom Enforcement authorities, and she had no idea how to find them .She went to the Honduran consulate for help, only to find that the office was closed over the weekend.
Now she was out in the bitter cold, begging on the streets, trying to earn enough money to keep alive until the consulate opened Monday in the morning. And she was afraid of dying from the cold and hunger that Boston provides its Illegal’s.

That is when she saw Karl and Kevin walked out of the Burlesque and head for a sedan parked nearby. She hurried across the litter filled street and intercepted them.
She held out her shivering hand and begged them for money.
As she stood in front of them, Kevin reached into his jacket and withdrew a very fat wallet; he waved it in front of her.
What will you do for one hundred dollars? Will you take a ride with my brother and me in the back seat of that car over there?
The very thought of that money ,money enough to eat and sleep somewhere warm, was enough for Eliza say to yes .
Once they were seated in the Buick with Kevin and the girl in the back seat. Karl pushed a switch, locked all the doors and started the engine. Then he put the car into gear and drove onto the highway that took them back to New Hampshire.
Eliza was not at all concerned .She had done this more times than she could remember. But when Kevin put his hand under her dress she pushed it away and demanded her money. Kevin put his hand back, as Karl said.
“Don’t worry, I promise we will pay you even more. We want to go somewhere where we will not be disturbed. And I know the perfect place. Now you two drink some Vodka and get nice and friendly. We are going to a beautiful spot where we have been before.”
She drank the vodka and felt better, then she drank even more and she felt warm.
By the time they crossed the state line the vodka had made Eliza very drunk. Kevin had thrown her clothes out onto the highway, and now he was on top of her grunting like a wolf in heat.
Karl drove through the spitting snowflakes onto the back road along the stone wall and pulled into the same spot where their father had taken them hunting. It was the exact place that they had become Brother of the Wolf.
He shut down the engine and took his brothers place in the back seat. When he was done with the unconscious girl, they dragged her out of the car, gutted her from pelvic bone to sternum, and then again took turns raping her lifeless body. They cut off her long black hair for a souvenir, carried her body to the stone wall and threw her over it into the fallen leaves-
As they drove back onto the graveled road, the snow storm began to cover the road, the blood on the ground, and the mutilated body of Eliza Gomez Sanchez, they threw the empty vodka bottle out the window into the snow
The storm began with power full winds and a blizzard of snow falling.
It was as if nature had become a conspirator to The Brothers of the Wolf. They howled and talked of how little of her corpus would remain in the spring once the predators were done with it.
At Dunkin Doughnuts they stopped and washed the blood from their hands in the bathroom, and then ordered coffee and doughnuts to go. They laughed and howled all the way back to Rosebuds. They look their new souvenir down to the basement, tied a red ribbon around it and put it in the cabinet with the Squirrels tails, the rifles and hunting knife. Then without a bit of remorse they had a good night’s sleep.
All that night and throughout the next two days the winter storm raged.
It seemed as if God wanted to entomb Eliza´s mutilated body in a casket of pure white snow
The next day they awoke late. Showered together, changed clothes and put the night be fore’s bloody ones in the washer, and then went up to the kitchen, where Karl fixed steak and eggs for their breakfast. When they looked out the window and saw the amount of snow that had fallen, that they danced, and sang, with joy.
They stayed inside, and washed the restaurants floors, scrubbed the counter tops, organized the dishes and glassware. Even the refrigerators shelves, stove and grill were spotless when the snow abated and the sun came out again.
As they worked; they schemed daily on what they were going to do to take revenge on Marsha Callahan. Both the twins hated her and wanted to kill her. They wanted to rape her and cut her throat, take her hair and put it with their trophies. But, they also knew she was never going to be in any situation they could think of where they could.
To be continued
"What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within this little span of life by him who interests his heart in everything"-Lawrence Sterne
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