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Default Re: Inexpensive way to give it a try

Hi Mason, Sorry to take so long to reply. I just now saw your post. UK is no problem. In the shopping cart just select the country, type in your postal code and the shopping cart will give several shipping options. There are manual tools on the site. I'll try and paste that part of the page below. I hope this works.

Manual Palm-Push adjustable length graver with supple Santoprene rubber handle (click to enlarge)

This adjustable length graver $49 (does not include point)

Two unsharpened M42 graver blanks $20

One Presharpened CarbaltXD $39


Manual Palm-Push stainless graver, wrench with Lindsay sharpener.
Sharpener includes 600 grit diamond stone, sharpening fixture, 110 degree Uniform-Parallel template, 6"x6" plastic desk plate, and small copper practice plate
$177 (does not include point)
$216 (includes sharpened CarbaltXD point)
Steve Lindsay