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Default Lettering Engraving-Shaded line, need help.

I practice the shaded line everyday and still have some problems. First is I cannot maintain a uniform width. I am left hand user, I cut the line from the bottom with the graver's point at the left hand side, roll it to the right hand side to make the shaded line. I found when I dig the graver into the plate, I need to first roll the graver and then increase the angle of attack by rise my hand a little bit, so as to get the desire wide, then I need to lower the graver so as to prevent it from digging too deep. This results in uneven cut and the line looks wavy! Is this "double action" of the hand is correct?

When the cutter reach the end of the line, I "throw out" the graver in upward direction but the chip still there! After the chip is removed, a heavy blur is left at the end of the line. Any suggestion? (the width of the shaded line is around 1mm)

The other problem is the square of the end of the line. I follow the method by adding a small triangle like horizontal cut but the end of this short cut do have a chip which cannot be "flow away", leave a heavy blur too! The red arrow shows where the square cut is made but it looks very ugly. The blue arrow shows the heavy blur appear at the end of the cut. I use a square graver, follow Steve's grinding method at 110 degree. I don't know if I am doing anything wrong or if it is o.k. as the photo you see is enlarged in large ratio.

Then comes the problem for the other end of the shaded line-the curve, I try to cut it by two cut,i..e first the shaded line with a flat graver and then use a square graver to cut the thin curvy line, it looks rather rough, is it o.k. (the blue arrow)

I also try to cut it in one continue action with a flat graver (the red arrow), it looks good but the shade line become very uneven!

I would like hear your comments and would like to know if I am going wrong or going to the right direction. Many thanks in advance.


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