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Default Re: Lettering Engraving-Shaded line, need help.

Steve, thanks for your patience and time to explain everything to me. I know some of my questions are already posted before, I just can't find them by that time! Thanks.

I would like to show you my progress so you know your time is not wasted. Actually I got a bit shame to show my works here when I see many other's works are so beautiful and excellent. Anyway, I think you may happy to see my progress with your excellent tools and your excellent advise.

This is the practise plate that I just finished today, brass, 5cm x 7cm, I use 120 v, 15 degree heel, seems I can roll my hand more and sometimes got an "accident"-Too wide cut! I enjoy so much when rolling the graver for the wide cut, also so exciting, I have to hold the graver harder when arrive the widest portion of the stem and this cause the graver move faster and I have to rotate the vise faster....and then release slowly... wow...
My ball vise is the smallest one from xxx, sometimes it tilt and move when deep cute is needed. I have to hold it tight with my right and and this made the rotatation not smooth and result in a not smooth cut...Maybe I need a bigger and more stable vise??? The salesman told me the smallest vise is a new design specially for works under microscope and the large one are for jewellry making but I found most you works under microscope with the large ball vise!!!

Any of your comments and advise for improvement are welcomed. Thanks again.

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