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Default Re: Tom's Contest Submission

thanks WV I polished the slide to a bright finish. But by the time I was done it was so scratched up I taped off the engraving and blasted it useing an air eraser. I could never understand what everybody ment by hard spots in the metal. the slide was ok to cut but there were hard spots and you knew when you hit one I was going to engrave the frame but it was rock hard. I used aluminum oxide to blast the slide but I noticed the finish would kinda rub off so I used one of those big pink erasers and buffed the slide. worked out perfect. I learned alot on my first gun.the biggest thing is plan everything out. the pictures are bad. the other thing I did not metion is my turn table had a slight bump when you turned it you could bearly feel it but when i fixed it it made all the difference now my scrolls are coming along alot smoother know I am working on a little colt 25 I will post tonight. I think it is much better. plus its my wifes so it better be and a hobo nickel talk to you tonight.