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Default Re: Developing Scroll Patterns

More than applied logic, the application of scrolls in defined areas is an artistic thing. Having said that, and after designing scrolls for many years, there are logical artistic steps that engravers go through everytime they develop scroll patterns - and it gets easier with experience. Scroll patterns, and the way they are placed into the various odd shaped spaces we are given to fill, become a natural extension of our artistic/engraving senses. We have alternative resources in the depths of our minds that allow us (those with years and years of experience) to pick and choose from the many patterns that reside in our artistic portfolio. Give us a difficult shape to fill, and most of us can see it even before we pick up a pencil and draw the pattern. Different engravers approach the same space with their impression of what work best - and it's fun to see how differently each of us solve the problems of drawing gracefull and fitting scrolls. We learn from one another.

The most skilled of all in relating these artistic processes, in my opinion, is Ron Smith. Buy his book(s), study how Ron solves the problems of filling odd spaces with beautiful scrolls, leaves and other artistic patterns. It's the quickest way I know to develop and culture the way you think about drawing scrolls.
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