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Default Re: Thoughts on tesselation

Hey Rod, congratulations. I didn't want to say anything about the delinquencies from the primary pattern as some (no matter how well explained or intended) would feel it was an attempt to indicate error. As you have brought it to the surface I feel I may speak of it without undue ruffling of the wrong feathers. Perfect form requires that all secondary patterns use the unaltered 'primary' to create them. This leads to the rubber stamp or cookie cutter look that was pointed out earlier. Barry has broken perfect form to create a far more interesting design and a randomness that looks very natural to my simple untrained eye. I find the overall effect pleasing, the swirls created seem to cause an overall randomness that is very natural looking while maintaining a number of secondary patterns, most designers would not attempt to overlay a secondary design. To me it seems much like what I see in some Japanese art, a complex subject in a simple form that provokes near constant internal referencing beyond the surface decoration. As a creative and talented all around professional Barry seems to walk the fine line between creativity and pleasing the eye of the traditionalist, and as his success proves does an excellent job of it. And is willing to share and teach, you can't beat that.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
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