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Default Re: Thoughts on tesselation

Thanks, Barry,

and Bob, I will chew on your interesting remarks as I try cutting a few practice plates in an effort to grasp what Barry is getting at. I have written in the past, that Barry's signature three element leaf series reminds me, somehow, of my young days wandering the Scottish hills and gazing into small streams, or burns as we say, to 'watch small fishes glide'. Leaves would drift down, some golden and some green, their movement partly governed by the flow of water, and its eddies, or spirals of current, influencing but not controlling the leaf's journey. The moving leaves were quite captivating to me, a deep spiral or scroll of water was at play, it influenced the leaves but they did not totally surrender.

Later, when I discovered the work of nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy, who lives in the Scottish Borders, I saw that he could capture moments of this dance.

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