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Originally Posted by preachinpilot View Post
Please bear with me. Pretty rough. All in all iv'e been cutting parts and pieces for a month. Bought my Classic over a year ago. Just upgraded to a Lindsay Low Profile Vise, turntable for pottery, and a used B&L microscope. Couldn't be happier unless I had a Palm, LOL. This is my first piece wherein I had some good instruction on shading. Starting to see it in my mind and getting control of the gravers. Any and all advice taken wholeheartedly. I am not showing my work but for one reason, accountability, and as a marker for progress. I saw Shawn Didyoungs work from photos as far back as 2011. He stresses pictures of all work so we have a chain of progression.
Hi PreachingPilot
Very nice I like it.
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