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Default Three new products. Gravers and templates

I am going to try and copy and paste them from the AirGraver "news" page.

Three new products --

1: Tapered Carbalts
2: "Narrower" template
3: Negative relief template

Tapered CarbaltXD Blanks
Available in the following tapers

1 Degree
2 Degree
3 Degree

Click photo to enlarge
View the information and tips concerning rigidity and breaking points if using thin graver shanks on the Graver blanks page.
Note: the 3 degree or 2 degree taper is recommended over straight or 1 degree tapers. If new to engraving stick with the 3 degee to keep the rigidity in the shank while learning.
$23 each.
Sold in packs of



1 Degree

2 Degree

3 Degree

Get three pieces of 3 degree and two pieces 2 degree (total five)

"Narrower" Template Click photo to enlarge
The photo below illustrates three thinning techniques.

Thinning the tip of the blank can be done using this template which fits on the Lindsay sharpening fixture.
Illustrating how the pin can be moved if desired to rotate the grinds 45 degrees to the shank. "Narrower" Template
Negative relief 116 Uniform-Parallel graver template.

This template is the same as the normal 116, but the relief grind under the heel is negative. The purpose of this negative grind is to achieve more heel clearance. This additional relief was described in the
Lindsay Uniform-Parallel patent, but this is the first template made available to actually achieve this point.

This template requires that the height of the grinding lap or bench stone be 3/4" instead of the usual 1/2" seen in all previous templates. I recommend just shimming your 1/2" stones up the last 1/4". The plastic 6"x6" plate included with the full sharpening kit happens to be 1/4", so that can utilized.

A power hone for initially shaping this is helpful. However it can be done with the diamond bench stones. Steve tested how long it would take him to sharpen one from a carbalt blank on the diamond bench stones. It was 15 minutes. Of course starting with a the 3 degree tapered carbalt blank would considerably shorten the time.
Negative Relief Universal Template
Click photo to enlarge

Steve Lindsay
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