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Default Re: Hello from N CO new to engraving

Originally Posted by flyart View Post
Been a member for a while. I am finally getting my setup completed, took a class years ago (more than I want to admit) at CSU as part of an art class. At the time it was print making. I am an arist of 30+ years the focus was painting on silk a good number of years. My family is grown, gone now doing their own thing and the kids tell me, mom it's time you ventured into your dream of engraving. I'm practicing when I can and building what I can to get started again. Getting my gravers lined up, focused on learning sharpening, it's a task for certain. I tooled leather for years, love scroll work but, rusty at it now, it's coming along. I use an andriod tablet with Infinite Painter, it works well.
Nice to meet everyone here, learning from the collective wealth of knowldege.
Hi Andy
Welcome To The Engraving Forum.
Looks like you are all set now.You will just swap the leather for metal to engrave.

All the best.
Learn from those who know more than you do and teach those who know less than you do. - I.M.
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