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Default Re: Fawn Kitten Knife

Originally Posted by Danny C
Not only is your work world class, but it is nice to see that you are "again" engraving - and posting - and not just making tools.

Of course I could be wrong and you are engraving and Katherine is making the tools for you. : >)
Danny, Katherine makes the best jams. I'm probably on the 15th jar now. I'd better slow down if I want my supply to last through Winter. I'm still on tool designing.. vises now. I have a scroll project I started drawing on the other day though. Still have some Busfields and Hoels in the safe and one I made that is half engraved. I'm looking forward to getting back to it. I found and bought one of those Acanthus books. It arrived the other day and I'm inspired.
Steve Lindsay
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