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Old 09-10-2008, 08:21 PM
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Default Finn Tutorial

For my tutorial:
(in the contest i know there is a "Most improved engraver." so i added some of my early work)
I took Ray Clover beginning class in engraving in 2006. Ray is a great teacher and anyone that is interested in engraving, should take his classes. When I finished his class, I was turning out better scroll work. This is a example of some of my early work: a Old Timer knife..

This is one of the projects I just finished, a 9 MM Makarov. My father gave me this gun about 10 years ago. I thought it would be fun to put some scroll work on it. Here are the steps as the work progresses:

1. Starting with the smoke pull: I put oil and gas (more oil just a little gas to thin it) and mix them and put it in a small lamp with a wick. Light it with a match to make lots of black smoke in order to get the area to engrave all black from the soot. Next take some clear scotch tape, (be careful not to smudge it) get the tape on the areas to be engraved so that tape is with the imprint of the area and place the tape on white paper. Then scan that into your computer.

2. The Vector drawing is put into the computer(I use adobe photo shop and adobe illustrator for the Vector process ) outlining the boundaries shape of each area that will be engraved.

3. Enlarge the Vector outline 300% and print it out on paper. Draw the scroll work with a pencil.

4. Rescan the drawing in the computer. Then outline it once again to make it a Vector image.

Shrink it down to the right size and cut it out of paper and tape it on the gun to make sure everything is the right size and fit.

5. Take some white paint (found in the picture below) and cover the engraved area on the item to be engraved. Let it dry for 4 hours or more. (This step is only necessary if the item is dark or black in color for the transfer to show up clearly, if the item is silver or shiny then there is no need for the white paint. )Then I take my transfer solution: pine tree sap mixed with rubbing alcohol (until sticky). Apply it to the white area. My transfer is printed on clear plastic sheet with the design on it and then cut it out with scissors.

6. Then i take my 90 Deg Graver and cut the outline.

7. The next step is to take the white paint off with some “Goo remover”.

8. Now with a half round graver and “hog” out the back ground.

Then stipple it.

9. Go back over the engraving with 115 Deg graver in order to put some kind of sculpture into the scroll work. Then I shade in the leaves, start with 115 Deg for the spine. Then the 90 Deg for the shading.
Last thing is putting the black enamel paint. For the background: rub it with your finger deep into the area, but leave enough on top let it dry for a day or so. Then take 2000 grit sand paper (wet paper) with water and lightly sand off the black paint.

Put the gun back together and use some (Flitz) polish .

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